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Stand Up Paddleboarding has arrived and is the newest craze for fitness and fun in the sun. Stand Up Paddling, or SUP for short, is now seen around most of Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands! But it's not just about surfing, it's a whole lot more! Lakes, rivers, flat seas, and almost any body of water are now being SUP'ed by anyone looking for fitness and fun! Boards range in size and can accommodate the smallest to the biggest paddlers, and Naish has the range to fit! Naish has a great selection of boards to cater for recreational, fitness, racing and surfing applications from beginner to pro.

Stand Up Paddling is EASY!

Anyone can learn to SUP in less than 10 minutes - that’s why it’s becoming so popular, it’s an easy and fun way to spend time on the water!

Stand Up Paddleboarding is also a great way to stay fit and provides a core work-out whilst having fun. Many people use SUP as a way to retain or maintain their fitness and for injury recovery and strengthening. Yet, best of all, it releases those fell-good endorphins!

Naish Stand Up Paddleboards are now available throughout South Africa, the African Continent and Indian Ocean Islands via SUP-culture!

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Specials from Naish SUP

Special From Naish SUP

Naish 10'0 Mana Soft Top - ideal for learning and cruising for people up to 90kg - soft bottom,deck and fins, hardy construction.

All of this for only R8995! *SPECIAL (while stock lasts)

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Naish SUP Boards

Naish SUP Boards

Naish SUPs come in all shapes and sizes for flat water paddling, downwind and flat water racing, as well as charging big and small waves! Read more about the entire range.

Naish Paddles

Naish Paddles & more

Carbon, Glass, Kevlar, Aluminium and Wood paddles for racing, recreational and wave riding are available from the world's leading SUP brand.

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Please contact us for more information about Naish SUP Culture's products. All models and sizes available from Cape Town, South Africa. Trade Enquires welcome!